Hollywood vs. Hippy Hollow: The 2006 Rose Bowl Revisited

I’ve given up on football season. Sure, my fantasy team is doing O.K., but my real season is over. Look, when your collective household teams are the Yellow Jackets, Longhorns, Hurricanes, Cowboys, and Dolphins, it’s been a brutal few weeks.

In the spirit of proactive self-delusion, I’m writing off the current season and looking back. Last night, my husband and I watched ESPN’s latest 30 for 30 on the Pete Carroll era USC Trojans. First, I have to holler at ESPN Films. Dude, how good are they? I’m giddy over the upped ante lately. Storytelling and production value on TV keep redefining talent and precision. I digress.

If you get a chance, check out ‘Trojan War’ on ESPN. The star of the piece is Pete Carroll. They do spend some time on the Reggie Bush shame/drama, but most of the story follows the “brilliance” of Carroll and his ensemble cast of leading men: Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, LenDale White, and more.

The whole episode is written in screenplay format, with flashes of the script onscreen throughout. An appropriate touch for the Holly-weird university. In fact, L.A. and stars like Snoop Dogg play supporting roles in the tragic comedy of Carroll’s USC career.

Before the 2006 Rose Bowl, the Trojans were like the Pats – above the rules. They won at everyone’s expense. And they were good. So what could ever stop them on their stroll to a third national championship? Enter the black knight in the white helmet.

It was an entertaining watch. Mostly because I got to relive the glory of a kick-ass Longhorns squad led by the super-human game of Vince Young's career, but also because there are few things I enjoy more than sports karma. Hello, I’m a Spurs fan married to a Heat fan. Enough said.

With everything going on at USC now, the 30 for 30 portrait of arrogance doesn’t seem like baseless Hollywood hype. Speaking of, it made me smirk to hear Leinart eat his snarky words. He now regrets his national post game comment that USC was “still the better team.” Karma’s a bitch.