The Story of You?

People face hard situations. From the tragic to the irritating, Most people have a story to tell about something awful that's happened in their life. I've listened to people on newscasts talk about their experiences as victims of house fires, shark attacks, identity theft and even stolen garden gnomes. I recently noticed something about the way they tell their story.

I seem to hear "you just feel like this," or "you never expect it to happen to you," when people tell their story. Which is odd, because it's their story. I would expect people to say, "I felt like this," or "I never expected it to happen to me." But again and again, I hear and read people using this collective "you" to share a feeling or experience.

This got me wondering: Why? Is it that people think a story has more impact if an entire group has felt this way rather than an individual? Does the storyteller feel camaraderie with others who have been through it? There can't be a large fraternity of shark attach survivors. I don't know what kind of bond an experience like that forms in one's head, subconsciously or otherwise.

Maybe it's just a colloquialism. I'm not sure. But when you hear something over and over like that, it just makes you wonder.