Snarkless Sportsmanship

First, congratulations to Jason Day on winning his first PGA major championship. After the year he's had, the dude deserves to hoist a trophy. Along with Jordan Spieth and Dustin Johnson, Day was right in the action for all the majors this year.

What I love most about the new generation of pro golfers isn't the ridiculous talent, super-fit bods, or the slim-cut trousers (although those are soooo nice), it's their sportsmanship.

These guys play a pretty elitist game. Scratch that and take a step back - they play a GAME for a living. Isn't that enough to breed snark? It should be, but thankfully, it's not. These guys seem to really enjoy playing the game and admire their opponents. Spieth is all class - he gave a thumbs-up for a redonk putt made by Day late in the Sunday round at last week's PGA Championship. And most of the post-tourney comments given by runners up this year have been humble and genuine.

DJ has a lot to be pissed about. He's a recovering addict who made his way back to the sport he loves, but can't get the brass ring. He still hasn't won a major. But is he bitter? Probably a little, but he never lets it show. He's gracious and hardworking.

I never thought I'd say it - but we can all learn a lot about being the bigger person from professional golfers.