Your Service Gives Me the Snarks

I have a lot invested in Apple. No, not stocks, I'm a writer. I mean I have a lot of devices. You name it, it's on my dresser: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Mac Mini (O.K., not on dresser). I made the jump from PCs years ago because Apple made a superior product with superior service. And then Steve Jobs died.

I'm so over Apple. It started with my phone. I've had every model since the 3, and have never needed a case. My latest phone, the 6 plus, now looks like it belongs to any teenager observed in his or her natural habitat. The cracks spread like a hazardous spiderweb from mid-phone to the bottom. I could open a vein with any swipe. I wouldn't be miffed if I were rough with my phone, but said damage occurred when the phone slid from my seated leg to the floor. A foot and a half, tops. Guess what Apple said. "Suck it up, buttercup. That'll be $650." To which I said, "Fuck it, I'll grow a callus."

Next was my Apple TV. Oh yeah, I have that too. I spent an hour today (O.K. my husband did) trying to convince the Genius that our wifi was not the problem. BTW - their service dudes are called "Genius," I'm not being snarky yet. We ended up fixing the problem ourselves. Voila.

So, are companies allowed to charge the cost of minor surgery for products and give you the finger when they crap out? What happened to craftsmanship and service in 'Merica?

Chalk it up to first-world problems. Suck it up, buttercup.

P.S. I did not hand the Genius his ass today. Mostly because my husband was on the phone with him instead of me, but also partly because I have no snark to give. I consider it a small victory in my quest for personal growth. Suck on that one, Cook.

Shit. I was doing so well.